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Greta is a super ⭐️ star ⭐️ of a dog. Her personality shines so bright you may need sunglasses to help you see clearly. She's a survivor from the Downey shelter. While at the shelter she developed tremors so she became super urgent, and needed rescue or she would of been PTS. We rescued her and got her to the vet. We still aren’t sure what causes her tremors, 


Greta has been in play groups for over 1 year now learning to love and trust other dogs. She's become friends with large & small dogs. Why one year? Well, Greta is also Deaf. This past year she's learned sign language, she's learned trust, but most of all she's learned she's a valued life. To see her so happy is truly amazing.


Greta's Tremors have been Controlled with canna- pet which is Canna-Pet® has safe, natural hemp products & oils for pets. The products are extremely effective & recommended by Vets. She has a lifetime supply from canna-pet. 


Her being deaf doesn't Stop her in any single way. She's a total loving dog with so much to give. She runs, she plays, she’s so full of life. 

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