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Cora was rescued from Downey animal care center. Downey shelter is the highest intake shelter in Los Angeles County. At the shelter she won the hearts of all the volunteers and staff members, but she was being overlooked by the public and rescue community. She became urgent and needed rescue or she would be euthanized for lack of space. I had been working with her at the shelter, and when I got the

news her time was up I knew we had to help her. Cora required a lot of work both medically and

behaviorally. We had a team of people who worked with her for over two years. We then had a new foster who seemed to be perfect for her and her needs.

Cora went into foster care and after two months I got a call that I will never forget “I would love to

adopt Cora.” We/she literally waited for years for this day to come. Her dad is the best guy, and she loves her papa and he loves his girl. She has a close relationship with the entire family.

One of my most memorable rescues.


Facts about Cora

- 6 year old, American Bulldog

- Rescued on June 17 TH , 2018 from, Downey Animal shelter

- Adopted on July 19th, 2020

- Living in, Garden Grove, CA

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