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Operation Goldie

Operation Goldie is a new section for Balooja's Foundation. With the help of social media we are able to feature many more dogs in need and reach our online community on Facebook. Operation Goldie features our work caring for our more senior dogs. Use the links below to take you to our Facebook pages and learn more about the work we do with Senior Dogs and dogs with disabilities. Follow us on Facebook.




Peach is a senior pit bull who was going to be euthanized due to presumed cancer. The presumption was correct, and peach did intact have hemangiomasarcoma. It’s a cancer that will come back, but for now she’s healthy and happy. She’s on foster care in Norco, CA with an amazing animal loving family. She has senior cocker spaniel foster brother.



Baloojas Foundation Senior/hospice dog care - Zorro was an owner surrender due to his families inability to cover his medical needs. We rescued him, and got all his medical needs taken care of. He’s now living with his foster family in San Diego. 

He enjoys wagon rides, cuddles and his dog pals. Every where he goes he’s loved beyond words.  Ohhh and if he could talk he would tell you “I sure do love blueberries” Zorro

His family has done an amazing job
with sweet, Zorro. 


Ruggley and Buggley


Hospice Care

Both dogs, due to age, and chornic ailments had all the holidays (before the holidays) so that they could feel the love the holiday season brings. They saw Christmas lights with family, and encounterd Santa and Mrs. Claus.

They got to experience so many things they probably never had the chance to prior to rescue.

When their little bodies started to fail them, they had parents who carried them. Both dogs have passed away, but not without knowing what true love is. They had a family who made sure life was special, and that they knew they mattered to so many. 

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