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Don Julio


Don Julio was found on a road in South Central LA. He was near death, but a kind human stopped and helped him. She was shocked because she said people saw him on the road and kept passing him by.

He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. We learned he had a lot going on, in fact he had more wrong than with any dog we’ve seen. He suffered from blindness, dental fractures, skin infections, patellar luxation bilaterally and much more. 

Don Julio had all his medical needs addressed. He also had surgery on his eyes to restore his vision. He truly got the works.

He went into his foster home with the Good Samaritan who stopped to help him. After all his medical was cleared he met with what would become his new mom. She was in love with him from the moment he walked in the door. His life is magical now because someone cared enough to stop and help. 

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