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  • I'm interested in a dog, what's the next step?"
    A: Contact us to set up a "meet and greet." Email us at
  • How much of my donation goes directly to caring for dogs?
    A: 100% of donations made goes directly to the dogs in our care.
  • What if the dog doesn't get along with my current dog(s)?
    A: We have a trainer who can determine the severity, and if its “fixable” our dogs are always pre-assessed prior to foster or adoption.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    A: After 14 days there is no refund.
  • Can I put a hold on a dog?
    A: You cannot put a hold on a dog, no. But you can put let us know you are interested in a dog and we'll help you. We consider the fit over first come first served.
  • Can I foster a dog and then adopt if I fall in love with the dog?
    A: Yes! Foster to adopts are very common.
  • What is the foster policy?
    A: Download our foster contract or email us directly at
  • What is the adoption policy?
    A: Please select "OUR DOGS" in the navigation bar above and scroll down to and select "Pet Adoption Agreement (Form)​." This is a form you can fill out online submit and print out for your records. We will answer each submission as quickly as possible.
  • I want to volunteer, who can I talk to about volunteering?"
    A: We could always use the help... email us at and lets go from there.
  • Can I make monthly donations, rather than a one time donation?"
    A: Yes. There are multiple ways to donate. Please select the "DONATE section above in the navigator. If you have PayPal, you can select the donate button just under the chihuahuas food dish and donate via PayPal. If you would like to use your credit card, you will have to open and create a PayPal account using your credit card. And if you would like to make a monthly donation, please select Charity Navigator. It will take you directly to our Balooja's Foundation page on the Charity Navigator site. Once there you can select the button "Donate to this Charity." A prompt will ask you to select a one time donation, a monthly donation and the amount. If you would like to send us a check. Please contact us at and we will give you the address to send a check. Again we are a completely tax deductible 501(C)((3) charity and we thank you for your generousity.
  • I know of a dog that needs "saving," can you help? And who should I speak with?"
    A: You can email - note - we receive many requests and get to them as soon as possible.
  • How far is your reach? Can you help out a dog outside of your Southern California territory?
    A: Yes, we can help dogs as long as the dogs are safe for transport.
  • Where can I see more pictures of available dogs?
    A: Check out our available dogs photo gallery. We may even have pictures on our social media sites... feel free to "like" us on Facebook, or "follow" us on Instagram. Select the icons above in the navigation bar and it will take you directly to our page.
  • Where can I inquire about more information on a particular available dog?
    A: (notate dogs name in subject line)
  • Are dogs ever returned?
    A: Yes, there have been circumstances where dogs have been returned. But we try to be sure dogs are matched well with the interested party. Returns are rare.
  • Microchipping my adopted dog...
    A: We microchip all dogs, we usually keep dogs microchipped to Balooja's Foundation. We do this to protect the dogs in case they end up in a shelter we can be contacted and make immediate plans to get them back.
  • Do you work with other organizations?
    A: Yes, we work with several organizations. This helps ensure the best placement for dogs in need.
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